Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do I need to do before my TV Wall Mounting appointment?  Please be sure that an outlet is in close vicinity of the TV and that the area is free and clear of pets and clutter.
  • Do I have the right kind of walls for TV Wall Mounting service?  Walls made of drywall, stucco, or brick are covered in this TV Wall Mounting service.  
  • Where should I get my TV Wall Mounted?   The TV installer can help you determine the best location, based on the location of the power outlet, the location of wall studs, and where you plan to sit or lie down while watching the TV. 
  • How big is the floating DVD shelf? What is it made of? The wall mounted shelf is constructed of an aluminum shaft and tempered glass shelves tinted black. The dimensions of the shelves are 11"x 16" and can support up to 17 lbs. Its ideal for small devices that need to be connected to the TV.  This is not recommended for a gaming system. 
  • How long does an install take? Installation times vary depending on the package you choose, an install can range from 1-4 hours. A representative will be able to give you a more accurate time range after you've selected your package.
  • Is this service acceptable in my apartment complex?  Yes.  Mounting your TV on the wall is completely acceptable in your apartment  complex. Any hole created can be easily patched and restored to new  condition.

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